Architectural facade (fassade panel) sale, supply and installation in San Diego.

Fassade Panel is a cold rolled ribbed Architectural profile, designed to be used on walls and facades where it provides a flat appearance. It has a discreet hidden fixing system without the need for a clip or mechanical sewing.

This profile can be combined to obtain a thermally insulated lining system.


It is used for walls, facades, Architectural facades in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. They can also have thermal insulation. The imagination is the limit!

Materials and Coatings.

Galvanized Steel, Painted Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper and Brass.

Standard Colors: White and Sand.

We can offer you any other color with advance order. (Consult)


This product could pass the following approvals: ASTM E1592-Uniform

Static Air Pressure Uplift, ASTM E283-Air Infiltration, ASTM E331-Water Infiltration,

UL Environmental – SRI Third Party Verified

Dimensional range.

Panel Width: 12-22”

Width Gap: 0-3”

Thickness: 1 ½”

Gauges: 22-26 [Steel]

Lengths: Cut to Size or limited

By means of transport.

We are manufacturers.



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