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Archifachada is an architectural construction system that combines the best of the aluminum panel and Polyisocyanurate or Polystyrene to create a facade that has the advantages of thermal insulation.


Rigid and Light. Characterized by its strength and excellent torsion and bending it is a solid aluminum for internal and external walls.

Resistant to bad weather and corrosion. It resists extreme weather conditions and minimizes the possibility of corrosion due to its soluble salts, therefore it is not affected by temperature changes and constant exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Better maneuverability. It can easily handle any type of coating application. All these processes are possible by means of conventional machines, to achieve the perfect design according to your needs.

Thermal and acoustic insulation.


Commercial facades, Industrial facades, Facades in general. Facades with thermal insulation, unique in its kind.


Aluminum panel thickness: 3 and 4 mm

Thermal Insulation Thickness: 1”, 2”, 3” and 4”

Lengths: minimum 1.11m and maximum 5.55m.

Choose quality choose Metal Panel.


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