Drywall plaster - sale and distribution in San Diego.

Drywall: It is manufactured in different thicknesses and lengths, with a lowered edge. The sheets are used as the base of partitions with ceramic, vinyl coatings or any other type of material used in humid areas. The plates are recognizable by their light green paper and green-black side cover.

We also handle other brands:

Densglass: DensGlass is a moisture resistant sheet or board of fiberglass and gypsum core. These sheets resist detachment, deterioration and deformation of the panel for 6 months once installed and weather without any type of treatment. DensGlass sheet has an excellent adhesion surface and is resistant to moisture. They are preferably used outdoors.

King Panel: It is a product with a non-combustible core made essentially of gypsum covered on both sides with 100% recycled paper, It is offered in a variety of standard lengths and thicknesses for use in construction; and it has the advantages of being cheap, fast, clean and safe to install; as well as the ability to receive different types of finishes.

Sheetrock – Made with a fire resistant gypsum composite core encased in a 100% recycled face Natural finish paper is folded around the long edges to protect the core and the ends are cut square and even. The long edges of the panels are tapered, allowing reinforced and hidden joints to be joined.

Durock: Durock cement board is made with a Portland cement based core and is laminated with a polymerized fiberglass mesh on both sides. Provides a solid foundation for tile and tile, tile and mosaic, marble, quarried stone and fine brick, and painted or textured finishes.

Other types of products we handle are:

corrugated sheet, rectangular sheet, corrugated sheet, R101 sheet, galvanized sheet, pintro sheet, smooth sheet, zintro sheet, ternium sheet, galvasid sheet, villacero sheet, multypanel sheet, lath channel, post and channel, galvanized channel, galvanized post, metal for drywall, drywall, mooring channel, metal post and channel, cat step, aluminum panel, alucomex, alucobond, alpolic, alcopalme, acrylics, translucent, transparent sheet

We also handle products from the following brands:

ternium, villacero, galvasid, multypanel, multipanel, kingspan, isosindu, metecno, stabilit.



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