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It is a Fanosa product within the Insulpanel family, the Insulfoil is released, which is a panel with the components of the classic Insulpanel with the replacement of one of the sheets (interior or lower) by a polypropylene-based coating, reinforced with a fiberglass mesh. Insulfoil has two presentations: Insulfoil Fanosa Techo and Insulfoil Muro.



Roofs, skirts of industrial buildings, shopping centers, freezing chambers, refrigeration chambers, booths, walls, construction in general, etc.


Excellent thermal insulation, structural and weather resistance; easy and quick to install adaptable to a large number of construction applications.

Characteristics Insulfoil fanosa

The ceiling:

Covering power of 1.00 mts.

Thicknesses: from 2″ to 12″

Pintro finish in Sand and Standard White.

Gauges: 26/Vinyl

Lengths: minimum 3m and maximum 12m.


Coverage power of 1.16 meters

Thicknesses: 2″ to 12″.

Pintro finish in Sand and Standard White.

Union: Z-lock and offset

Gauges: 26/Vinyl

Length: minimum 9m and maximum 11m.


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