Perforated Metal Facade sale and installation in San Diego.

 We offer you the sale and installation of architectural perforated metal facades of different types:

Types of Facades:

Perforated Metal Facades Standing Seam
Perforated Metal Facades Flat Board
Perforated metal facades
Ventilated Facades
Perforated Metal Facades Concealed Fixing
Perforated Metal Facades Exposed Fixing

Our products:

Fassade Panel
Asthetik Dach panel
Asthetic Lock 25
Asthetic Lock 63
Asthetik Wave
Scaled Panel
Tray System Panel
Perforated Panel With Special Design.
Flat Board Metal Facade
Scaled Metallic Facade
Phenolic Panel
Expanded metal
Ventilated Facades
Architectural Polycarbonate


We are the only manufacturer of architectural metal profiles, we have different finishes, colors, gauges, materials, measurements and solutions according to your needs, we offer specialized advice.

Choose quality choose Metal Panel.


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