Gas station ceiling light (SSR-40 SPECIAL)- Sale and supply in San Digo

Product description:

Ssr-40 especial ® is a grooved profile designed to be used in gas station ceilings where it provides a flat appearance. It has a discreet hidden fixing system without the need for a clip or mechanical sewing.

Ceiling Panel ® is a ribbed profile designed to be used on walls, facades and ceilings where it provides a flat appearance. Regularly used in gas station panels. It has a fixing system.

Gauges: 22 and 24. *

Appearance: Plain and ribbed (optional)

Width: 12” and 13” (0.3048m)**

Cant: 1.5”

Lengths: 1m- 14mts.***

Colour: White Std.

Supports: supports are recommended every 90cm and a maximum of 1.20m.


*22 gauge is recommended for greater flatness.

**Larger widths consult your commercial advisor.

***For national shipments, a wooden crate is required. In requirements of lengths greater than 14m we recommend the overlapping solution (consult with your commercial advisor).

Concealed Fixing: it is fixed to the support structure based on self-drilling pegs that remain hidden in the joint of the panels.

Applications: it is used as a ceiling light in gas stations, shopping centers, toll booths, residential buildings, etc.

Special material for gas stations.



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