kr-12 gas station ceiling light in San Diego

LAMINA KR-12 is a profile distinguished by its subtle elegance, aesthetics, versatility, impressive structural capacity and easy installation, with a 1” joint height, it is a continuous design system for ceilings, its attribute is hidden fixing by means of of a clip that allows thermal movement. Does not require mechanical crimping to ensure weather integrity. Installation is simple and fast, however it resists extremely high design pressures and is approved for use in projects with a waterproof guarantee.

Gauges: 22 and 26. *

Appearance: Smooth and with ribs (optional)

Width: 12” and 13” (0.3048m)**

Superelevation: 1”

Lengths: 1m- 14mts.***

Fixation: It is fixed to the support structure based on a clip and 2 self-drilling screws that are hidden in the joint of the 2 sheets longitudinally, as a cover it must be ordered with manual tweezers.

Supports: supports are recommended every 90cm and maximum 1.20m.


*22 gauge is recommended for best flatness.

**Larger widths consult your commercial advisor.

***In national shipments, a wooden crate is required. For requirements of lengths greater than 14m, we recommend the overlapping solution (check with your commercial advisor).

Hidden Fixing: it is fixed to the support structure based on self-drilling pegs that are hidden in the joint of the panels.

Applications: Metal ceiling for gas stations, metal ceiling for service stations, False ceiling, ceiling panel,

Special material for gas stations.


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