Manufacturers of Galvanized Sheet and Paint in San Diego.

We are dedicated to the manufacture of steel sheets in any smooth or grooved profile and special measures.

Manufacturers of corrugated sheet, pintro sheet.

Sale of smooth sheets (sheets), smooth roll and structural sheet; of different calibers.

Smooth sheet:

Smooth sheets 3×10 and 4×10 in rolls for kr-18 and 24 in their different calibers from 14 to 28. (Galvanized and Pintro).

Structural sheet.-

Trapezoidal, structural trapezoidal, tr-72, tr-101, tr-100/35 and tr-90.

Corrugated sheet.-

TO-725, TO-100 and TO-30.

Sheet metal mezzanines.-

The steel 25 and the steel 15.

Concealed fixing sheet.-

Galvalok 2.

Systems for composite roofs.-

TRD 91.5

Architectural sheet.-


Other types of products we handle are:

corrugated sheet, rectangular sheet, corrugated sheet, R101 sheet, galvanized sheet, pintro sheet, smooth sheet, zintro sheet, ternium sheet, galvasid sheet, villacero sheet, multypanel sheet, slat channel, post and channel, galvanized channel, galvanized post, metal for drywall, drywall, mooring channel, metal post and channel, cat step, aluminum panel, alucomex, alucobond, alpolic, alcopalme, acrylics, translucent, transparent sheet

We also handle products from the following brands:

King panel, ternium, villa zero, galvasid, multypanel, multipanel, kingspan, isosindu, metecno, stabilit.


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