polycarbonate (danpalon).- sale, supply and installation in San Diego.

It is the only product that offers quality translucent roofs and facades anywhere in the Republic through our network of distributors. It also includes the technical and professional service that your project requires directly.


Danpalon System consists of polycarbonate sheets and a series of accessories that complement the installation, fixing it without perforating the sheet, allowing its free thermal expansion and mechanically interlocking the panels, minimizing the use of silicones, guaranteeing 0 leaks.

We have 3 Danpalon installation systems for any roof, facade or interior coating design.

Installation is very simple, however details can be presented when the installation is not supervised by professionals.

Advantages and Properties of the Danpalon System:

•UV Protection: Offers the highest protection against UV Rays
•Thermal expansion: Its placement allows free movement
• Impact resistance: It is 250 times more resistant than glass and 30 more than other high-impact acrylics.
•Workability: It is between -40ºC and up to 120ºC, the Danpalon® System maintains its properties.
•Flame retardant
•Thermal isolation
• 10 year warranty
•Low maintenance
• 100% recyclable

professional technical advice

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