Sandwich panel sheds for sale in San Diego.

We manufacture custom booths with thermal and acoustic insulation. Using the best system of insulated metal sandwich panels for walls and ceilings, Multypanel-Ternium brand.


Security Booths, Surveillance Booths, Administrative Booths, Control Booths, Mobile Offices, Work Resident Offices, Mobile Warehouses among others.

They can be semi-fixed on a concrete slab or mobile on a trailer.

They have a pre-installed electrical installation, ready to be connected to the network or electric generator.

Advantages: Easy to move, quick to install, comfort, thermal-acoustic insulation, with natural lighting, air circulation or air conditioning (optional) to have an excellent work environment.

We have a solution that fits your budget.

Professional technical advice.

Choose quality choose Metal Panel.

Shipping to all USA!

For more information call us at: SLP (444) 2062332 (444) 1019965 Bajío, Tijuana (664) 9030198 (664) 6859034 Northwest, from the interior of the republic at 01-800-788-0558.

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