Stabilit acrylic sheets.- sale, supply and installation in San Diego.

Stabilt products: Acrilit G10, Poliacril G5, Polylit G3, Makrolon, Glasliner, Opalit GC, Resolite and Domolit.

Acrylit G10 is the only plastic laminate that combines the light diffusion and durability of acrylic with the high mechanical resistance, especially to impact, offered by its fiberglass reinforcement.

Poliacryl G5 is a translucent plastic laminate that offers all-purpose strength, lighting, good looks and versatility at a low cost.

Cellular Makrolon is a plastic laminate based on polycarbonate resin, with high technology from Bayer; It also has a coextruded layer of protection against the effects of weathering, produced by UV rays.

Solid Makrolon is a solid polycarbonate sheet with the following characteristics: Unbreakable Impact Resistance, UV stability (Not in all degrees), Transparency up to 90% (thickness 1 mm), Design freedom Cold curved and thermoformed , Resistant to temperature variations (From -40 C to 120 C), It can be sterilized with steam for Medical applications, High Resistance to various Chemical Agents, Poorly flammable and does not spread the flame.

Glasliner is a construction system that meets the highest requirements to protect, cover and decorate those areas that require maximum resistance, hygiene and ease of cleaning. Ideal for walls and ceiling.

Opalit GC is a 100% opaque fiberglass-reinforced plastic ribbed laminate that resists corrosive environments as well as reducing heat concentration in interior spaces.

Resolite is a high specification laminate designed to withstand highly corrosive environments. Available in Opaque and Translucent presentation.

Domolit is a dome with stabilit quality.


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